IEPG – Institut für medizinische Ethik, Grundlagen und Methoden der Psychotherapie und Gesundheitskultur
Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture


The Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture (IEPG) in cooperation with the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Salzburg, offers regular academic courses. In this way we realize the preconditions for basic anthropological and ethical research, for an improvement of the information and orientation in the public, for academic training courses in the area of psychotherapeutic ethics for doctors and psychologists, for social workers and, last but not least, for leaders in institutions and the interested public.


The seminar “Anthropological and ethical foundations of medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy” at Heidelberg University is designed as an interdisciplinary course with colloquia and symposia for students and other participants from the faculties of medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, sociology, philosophy, theology, and education.


The topics of this interdisciplinary seminar are not limited to the problems of psychotherapy, but the knowledge gained in psychotherapeutic situations is applied to a larger socio-political field of practice. According to this approach the following topics have been treated in this seminar so far: borderline situations, crisis, trauma, conflict, reconciliation, and peace process. Currently, the focus of our interdisciplinary interest is devoted to the topic of the living body and the experience of it in psychotherapy by incorporating the cultural, socio-political and religious perspectives into our anthropological and ethical approach.