IEPG – Institut für medizinische Ethik, Grundlagen und Methoden der Psychotherapie und Gesundheitskultur
Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture


Empirical knowledge humanely applied! This is the motto of the IEPG, the Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture in Mannheim.


The IEPG institute of the "Alma Mater Europaea", European Academy of Sciences and Arts, was founded in the year 2000. Ever since it has worked consistently to find life-serving solutions for the future problems of our society in questions of medical ethics and psychotherapy.


For this purpose we offer public academic seminars, talks and workshops on the problems of the beginning and the end of life, on autonomy and dependency, and on the ecological problems of survival of our society and health culture.


Twice a year there are symposia taking place especially for a small circle of experts.


Highlights are the Mannheimer Ethics Conferences which have taken place regularly in Mannheim Castle since the year 2000. At the center of these conferences are standing the encounter and dialogue between the experts of various professions as well as between the experts and the public.


The Mannheimer Ethics Conferences are open to the public. Among their distinctive characteristics is the integration of a corresponding artistic contribution to the topic into the program of presentations by renowned contributors from various disciplines. It is the aim of these conferences to present to the public practicable solutions of new scientific results by regarding the need for a meaningful way of life, for a responsible health consciousness and for the improvement of communication in a pluralistic society.