IEPG – Institut für medizinische Ethik, Grundlagen und Methoden der Psychotherapie und Gesundheitskultur
Institute for Medical Ethics, Psychotherapy and Health Culture


We aim:

1.   Promoting intercultural exchange across various schools of psychology

2.   Mediating tensions between individual lifestyle and conventional values

3.   Accepting and transcending institutional circumstances

4.   Developing innovations for a future health culture

5.   Using ethical reflection of therapeutic situations for new areas of application

6.   Allowing for and promoting existential maturing and personal autonomy

7.   Balancing out holistic measures of life and functional-analytic aspects

8.   Clarifying and accounting for one’s conceptions of oneself and of humanity in the world

9.   Understanding ethical dilemmas and finding realizable solutions for them

10. Practicing the analysis of situations and accounting for decisions about values